Tools for Schools is pleased to present:

π (and other transcendental constants)

We believe that its unique treatment of these four very important numbers will prove invaluable to educators in bringing new dimensions to elementary and secondary mathematics instruction.

1 π (15:56) the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter [mp3]

2 √2 (15:56) the square root of 2 [mp3]

3 e (15:14) the base of the natural logarithm [mp3]

4 φ (14:38) the golden ratio [mp3]

23 extra track (1:59) [mp3]

These audio tracks were apparently first presented as an unusual exercise in popular music by a trance group of indeterminate European origin. English-language notes from the original recording encourage the listener to "get very intermingle with the numerical structure of the universe" and to "start to understand what machine means". The original album cover is reproduced above.
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