This is an invented gestural phonemic alphabet, which provides an extensible mapping of single-hand shapes and movements onto phonemes used in human natural or invented languages. Consonants are represented by static gestures, while vowels occur in movements between these stops. Using (and extending) this gpa allows us to represent spoken languages in gesture.

consonants (22+1)  
flat hand tent
flat hand with thumb dent
v hand should
v hand with thumb je
d hand [vowel carrier]
closed hand place
closed hand with thumb bed
one finger extended marry
one finger extended with thumb nothing
two fingers extended something
two fingers extended with thumb zebra
fox hand fellow
fox hand with thumb very
Vulcan hand kick
Vulcan hand with thumb get
buddha mudra hand thick, with
buddha mudra hand with thumb though
triangle hand (thumb to S, duck forward) real
hand spread liquid
round hand (thumb to 4 round fingers) were
crooked finger him
y hand (pinky and thumb out) yellow
k hand (v hand with thumb between index/middle) end sound of barukh (hebrew)

vowels (11)
rotation right sweet
rotation left cow
pull right never
pull back at
180-deg orientation change boot
90-deg orientation change kiss
L move dog
flip down no
flip to front good
turn right bed
distance indraw up