October 9, 1996

Someone gives out a word or phrase. Everyone writes one word for each letter in the phrase which also starts with that letter. Then everyone writes a line for each letter of the original word which also begins with that letter.

ebony fiddles

eukaryotic bananas octagon nevertheless yodel frantic images Darwinian discotheque levitate erstwhile sanctuary

entering under kinetic aromas relinquish yesterdays onto the inner city

breathless and neutral a native adopted serpents

overtly coveting taragon asterix gargled opulent nouns

never estimate virginal expressions roughly they habitually expound laws elementary silent slender

yearly offerings decompose exercise less

finger rality already -- nuptually trendy inside Canada

insincere miracles annunciate gelcaps -- enveloping slowly

dangerous alabaster riffles will intimidate -- narcoleptic imaginations arouse notice

disclose illusory survival curtains or the housemaidís élan quickly unearths evidence

let each violet insect taste ascorbic telling elation

espresso rinds still taste white however intimate lupine expires

sarcophagi amount noodles contents teem under aritheus roman yelps relinquish


Even under kicks of the audience respnd your own treatise in color

Beware assume no alleged needles assuming sister --

of -- congenial -- touristing a gameplan of needles

No endings veering except re: the holiest-of-grace establishing less engineered sun -- sorry

You only do little enough!

Fixing rabbinical attention nasty tic in capital

Imagine my affair -- grace existing system prayer #2

Divinity as rallying wiwthin national ink national industry as napping

Does it still catholic over that heady executive query unify your ears

Laid! Even vast initiative taken as that earpiece

Earliest riot sucking that wind hurted I lived earlier

Sold -- and never counting toys up after resisting you


X. Not even sure where this part came from. ?/96

illusory survival curtains


I cling

this is the only hold

it keeps me closed windows.

I press up against the pane.


narcoleptic imagination

I forget who I become tomorrow

we sleep violently

striving to dream enough

and there are gaps where I fish

jerking lines

living in the black spaces

zones of concrete


gargle opulent nouns

rearrange my throat

satin voice, satin slip

slip the songs, the soul, the beat back down

Husky beat, kernel notes

Surround the sound, the air in garbles

Become the reed, the silk-husk seed

The air, the heir

to a throne of soul.