Ephemeral grab-bag
May 7 1998

the whole has to do with the parts which break off. which spoil to reeking, crumple, wither, rot. the whole has to do with Mr Who, who says to tell him your secrets and then forgets them.

Who says to install a better system of communication in your house, one made of clay, paperclips, and catcalls. Who says to beat up the little boys down the street into a peaked merengue, Who says to bleat like a goat first thing in the morning for healthy pectorals, Who says to sort flour by relative degrees of whiteness.

Mr Who is dairy-white, a sinner who blesses the dying sewer rats with a sifterful of pain. he creeps around the seven floors of his house, pinned down by a paralyzing fear of windows.


BlackValley Industries Wears a Ladies Identification Card

Mrs PF Whitemore (oh, you!) is the wife of Brother PF Whitmore (shut up, you!) 1945-1946, in good standing in said lodge to on which date this and expires, Ashland, Oregon, Lodge No 944, BPO Elks (baloneytown, as Holly Hughes says. Not the performance artist. Shes at BVI with Joe DiSimone.) A Ladies Identification Card signed by Hattie G, who made her way to Burbank, California. Swim, Hattie, swim Joe DiSimone. There are a lot of songs for you. When you swim like an angel you could sing Pat Boone or Mariah Carey. When you swim like an angel you might have cake with your girlfriend, but its okay Joe DiSimone if there is no wedding, but its okay Joe DiSimone if you ask Jim. Jim Morgan rattles the horn faster. Paula Hallal said no, and Jennifer June went roller skating for love and romance. Bob Kelly, good looking baby, favorite movies. PF Whitmore requests that Mrs PF Whitmore be issued a Ladies Identification Card, we know she is a lady by the carte didentité and we need one when we are with our girlfriends so the people dont get confused.

Knock if off, Hattie, youll get over it.


If you do have a critique, it begins to develop a theory of the more important to live up, and thus theory of the living in groups cuts dodscience of addiction. In addition to drugs, housework, this is another power as affects mans addictive nature to live with a group of filings exercised by language ( the Word ), time, dont have kids. It takes space (i.e. mans physicaly existence and the longing to cook for ten parental constructs he uses to survive and adapt). To cook for one or two. Rugs, sex, and power control the body, but words share the cooking, each image locks control the mind, that is, lock, cook dinner once a week of conventional patterns of perceiving, thinking, share the house cleaning and speaking htat determine our interactions with importantly, the child, environment, and society. The cut up is a way of being in groups, it is difficult to free itself from them, an alteration of consciousness. Cheaply enough to be at occurs in both the winter and the reader of the Forget everything.


More Pork, Please, Martha Logan!

Consult Martha Logan --
the glazed ceramic stare of the duck plantars
regard the pork loin
cooly -- perhaps with an instinct of fear?
but Martha is tyrannical
the carving tools laid on the night
for the right hand man carver
Mr. Logan, perhaps.
the batallion of roasted red pears flank
the carcass like pallbearers
at mealtime
the ivy-sprouting ducks wince faintly
in their hollow heads
More pork, please! It is demanded --
consult Martha Logan before disrupting her arrangement --
It is a ceremonious presentation
not for human consumption.


Sven golly! Svenson --

The Hearing Trumpet

by Leonora Carrington

DRUG INTERACTIONS: Be sure to tell your doctor of over-the-counter or prescription drugs you are taking, especially other medication for seizures (phenobarbitol, primidone, phenytoin, carbamazepine ethosucianide, clonazepan, anticoagulants ( blood thinners ), aspirin, chlorpromazine, cimetidine or mefloquine.

DRUGGED INTERSECTIONS: We sure did sell our butter to cover the counters for construction of blue tar-cake; In a special piece of our aspiration for teas, the gleam of harbors and primal tones put me whole into the maze of my ethics; drugs are my clowns, as a permanent co-agitator wouldve been, if aspiration scored promises like my codeine or methadone.


My boss said Youll get over it
she said she was going to glean between --
glean between where?
between my Wednesday and my Friday
she said Youre not my roommate anymore
she said You can be my interlocutor
I was on this really weird boat,
and Im not saying that its good,
but they couldnt find my eye.


Other legendary exponents of the countercultural idea belonged to advertising circles. Some -- William S. Burroughs, for example, who was still pursuing, or trying to pursue, some appearances in a television spot for the Nike corporation -- had met in the flashy or pseudo-functional setting of an agency bosss office the confluence of capital and counter-culture, some kind of degree course or another. It has brought considerable criticism down on the head of the aging beat. They would listen side by side, aggressively writing in the Village Voice, pencilling on their blotters their petty marvels at the contradiction between Burroughs writings and their grisly jokes; their shared contempt for the faceless corporate entity for which he is now pushing product -- those fat cats, those profiteers, for thos eye-wash merchants -- was sometimes their first meeting ground.