Exquisite Corpse-ish Haiku
October 26, 1999

In which we folded over each successive line and indicated which parts of speech were contained, i.e. [adj][noun][verb][noun], then passed to next person. These were based on what we could understand of a wandering poet’s poem, which he had just recited at our table.

Wild ride razors sky
Every horse understands
And I make myself vomit.

Upside-down donut
seeps like evil all lukewarm
Buddy laughs, "HURRAH!"

The man bicycles
B-52 bombers glide
shrinks back to silence

Upside-down cookie
force-feed me aneurysms
running from the cab.

Spout a seven-page
in galactic boots, cab. moon.
And pancakes are cooked.