Fortune Cookie + Add-In
October 16, 1996

We either brought or made fortunes and then added one word in between each word then passed, then did it again.

50 preachers 12 nights 37 friends 33 33ís 29 times 39 bitten

1. You are fancy pants
have shiny nots glaring
an anatomical overeager patchiness active
like tidewater after mindblowing
fish and original foul
fry a fabric river-snake keen to
iron water sided
imagination capsize

2. You begin often sleepily having made notice an attitude over-active beatmaster pay me tricks no, never mind.

Quilts and globes broken as a nightmare faintly humming, keen to young pigletsí imagination.

3. You go broke --
Engage have of you?
When an eliptic anchor sets active chanties
mindless the setting posies straight
and ruminate without a designated lot

Keen without word
who imagination grants
battle of the droning quiet.