(Instruction Poems )


So friggin tired of polemics, of hegemony (what makes you so friggin tired?

of their [pitter/[[over]]patter] sounds on my inferiority (& why inferior are you?)

the interiority flew away -- I watched fly up high (make it fly the other way)

and it became beetles exteriorly (any rock?)

engaged in everything but flying;

encaged in sounds of golden oldies, I remained still on my pillow and argued against my own ague (have a fever dream)



seven maids, seven marbles (what kinds of S & M do they do?)

Oh mall shopping sing for me,k sing for new rope toys (how far was the last song sung?)

tied up, torn up, till morning sun comes (what would old friends do now?)

We mix and match and then sleep in pieces. (make the rhythm change)

Change! (how do you feel?)

Like a dirty old maid spillin all the heads. (how does she butcher?)

with her old maid marble machete, which she keeps above her bed of course. (what else is there besides marble machetes and new rope toys?)



the pie is like a pudding (tell me about the other course)

the peaches like a person (tell me how it feels to bite into a person)

pressure, puncture slip through swollen flesh (and the pit?)

the pit became the pit after the pudding lay claim on the heart of the pitt is it spit (how you spit...mmm)

like grandfather & grand mother (what did the scarecrow say?)

who had no courage to cook. (so what/how did you eat?)

pie and pudding, peaches and pies. We ate until our brains could take no more and then we drew a line in the food, after we smeared it on the floor. (what was written on that line?)

On the line we wrote epitaphs and jingles (an epitaph and a jingle)

Here we were, and here we ate the pie, and here we all can cross the line (whats on the other side?)



You eat like a good boy (how does a good boy eat?)

Hands folded, eyes averted, nose to the grindstone, legs (and the mouth?)

beneath the table plaing. Your mouth a discreet O. (what do you want the boy to be?)

I want you to eat my sins. I want you to eat my sloth and my broth. (will you eat? are you hungry?)

No. I am eaten by (finish thought)

the by. Someone else took my eatin place and took my face (make the face a good face)

to church and stuffed it with morality. I turned it to a smile, and open upturned C. (play with Cs and Os and faces of other leters)

And sideway, to be flathead D then a curious Q, still good in the pew (tell about church).



He is like the piper pie (who follows?)

Flies the music bring (and where to?)

To the bottom of the well (who lives there?)

The water that ate the troll that made the water cry oh no (oh why oh why?)

when he bared his teeth and jiggled his belly (what did the water do to deserve it?)

at its fiercely echoing chamber (bring this back on track).



The dumbing down of Lady Tourneaux (leads her down the path of...)

Awakens her to the practical and impractical qualities of an egg (leads her down the other path of...)

but also causes her to forget the permanent, the tortoise shell. (what happens when tortoise shells break? when eggshells remain forever?)