(Instructions for Use)

This is used to treat sleeping.

This condition may cause rest if taken improperly. Do not start taking this sleep suddenly without consulting your bed as gravity may occur. It is recommended to wear or carry sleep while you are taking this meaning. Do not allow anyone else to take this use. Other side effects include dreams, snoring, and a contented smile.

Asides: May cause dazes, phases, or fluttered eyelashes. Use caution performing tasks that require alertness.

Other possibilities include nightly upset, loss of shoes, hallucinations, or other visual disturbances. These should subside as your body adjusts to sleep.

Notify yourself immediately if peppiness occurs or if you develop insomnia, weirdness, deep snoring, flashbacks, yellowing of the eyes, or severe neck cramps while staying awake.

Use of alcohol or other sedative type medications can interfere with treatment.