Line Grid Poems
October 23, 1998

Read lines bunches both ways (across and down)

The ice cream flavors mixed up in ABC order My brother uses his tongue as a stick or separate paint by tastebuds nouvellecuisine or licking Jackson Pollack
I press my tongue alphabetically licking twice, licking thrice in order to distinguish the proper sequence one must implement the ingredients with caution and sadness sending letters to words
There are 26 stories in my building the elevator stalled on the 2nd or 3rd floor of the monotonous music of thinking and eating heaven and earth in the proper proportions the Czechs and balances in the mail
Chickadees are "C"; they fly past my window this is above an aerial hutch and above I was nursing with Rita the measure of the act was in its balance received and repealed in the same afternoon
"I saw you from my window but you were equipped with windows" I crouched at the first level, but stayed level the sun kept my first promise; here's another the first act has been repeated. the first act has been repeated. now the receipt
I saw the end of v.e.r.b.a.t.i.m. staring me in the eye breath running out of the room so shut me up; you will get nowhere pull the plug call me forth with this play on time, John Hammerboy!