Bada bada bada bada bada

Da dee da dee da dee da dee da dee

Fa la Fa la Fa la Fa la Fa la

Te hee teehee teehee teehee teehee

Da ba la foo la foo Da ba la foo

Um duh um duh um duh um duh um duh

Achoo achoo achoo achoo achoo

Blah bluh blah bluh blah bluh blah bluh blah bluh

Doodadingla fing dee singde eday

Bah ba bah ba bah ba bah ba bah ba

Snoop aping rathing zee ving le emay

Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah

Ah oh ah ooh ah eee ahee ahai

Ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay


(adam tobin)




Midnight in the kitchen

by Jenny


A: there is a silent film where theres a woman.

B: it would be hard to take off the pants.

A: they didnt take their pants off, it was a silent film.

C: this is kind of like the question game.

D: Well, Im going to ________. What do I do?

C: Well, we can do something else.

D: Well, we can also do the question game.

B: Its a really __________.

A: Yeah.

G: You did that in ____________. Should we write questions? And answers?

D: some people seem really intent on this.

A: Im not an interesting character.

D: Its because were eating.

X: Thats weird. Yeah.

D: I thought this part was supposed to be a person.

X: You can tell me what they are. The night?

D: Yes.

G: Theyre all writing.

L: Yeah.

G: Im doing the thing. Desire is turning into cuts.

X: Up, among?

G: No.

X: I dont know what a good translation is.

G: (sigh).

X: Were not eating.




Midnight in the Kitchen

by Adam T.


A silent mmmmm all through it


trapeze seems pants stripping hard response they film it funny what book question I well cover


Dear Julie

Life & Long Beans, Whaenever PoppDes destoys us.


Night weird -- you sitting, him with word...tell nighttime: talking French inbetween desire in the middle of (see translation) like, school. turning bad favor what wondered nothing, remember anyone? youre not no talking! why trying leaned its sneaky sorry -- full tell also today like translated hard sense explained. Vomiting maybe good, ok? No collapse heap except only sleep. Bed, throw sleep there! Bye, Adam! Julie knew high too. What place, kind place, so just, used alone! this thought is more, by meaning your actually want. Care might tell different.