(Jenn, Adam, Leslie, and Mike play 99 one evening. )



King cat

Cat, my king,

King me, said cat

confident my king cat said

Confidence becomes me. Cat, kinged, said

I confidently become King Cat.

Cat is King I confidently became

when kinged. I am confident.



Strange attractor

was strangely attracted

she, attracted, was strange

sexuality. She was strange. Attractor

ex-sexuality. She was Dr. Strange-Attractor.

She was Dr. Strange, attracted to ex-sexuality.

She was attracted to ex-doctors. Their strange sexuality

doctored her strange was. She attracted them across sexuality.

Their sexuality was attracted across, doctored her strange ass.



Like food

Food is like

eating, like food is

eating is like my food.

Your eating is like my food.

Stop your eating my food is like

stopping eating like my food is your favorite.

Stop eating like my food is your favorite cat.

My favorite cat was eating your stopped heart, like

my favorite cat stopped eating your heart, like it was

its favorite heart, your favorite cat that you stopped.