(Point of insertion (version II))

June 25, 1998


(round one)


Transient livers live in trance. In a lived trance, a liver dance, in-tranced, dancing a living in tranquil lands, landing a tranquil life inside (live) dancers with transient insides. Life dances without landing, tranquil with Living without tranquility, landing trance dancew with you, with you living without dancing. Transient tranquility dances without you. Tranquil, transient living tranquilizes. You transient! Dancing with dancers, you trance with you, entranced with tranced you.



I sing


I sing on. I sing on time. I sing time on constraint. I sing time on constraint. Economically. Economical constraint on time makes me sing sonnet. Time makes economical constraint. I sing on time, sonnets make economy. On constraint: I sing another song. Another economy makes me time constrained sonnets. Time constraints, songs make my otherness economically constraining: MY time?? OTHERS make songs economical, economics Others my songs, makes time economics. My songs, others time. My economic songs time. Time my singing. My songs sing.


Tired world


The tired world: the tired world spins around the world. Tires spin the world around my tired, spinning toes. The world tires, spun around my toes. Tiresias aint spinning: Im around the world; aint my tin aspiration to run the world around my ass. Pirates aint running the world, too. Aint around. Rat spies running my ass. Rat spies around? Running my ass? I spy a round rats ass. A round ass. I spy my round spyglass, spying round.


I will


(But) will I? Willing I dream, (but) in dreams I dare. Will I will dreams in daring fashion, or will I fashion dreams? Daring, in fashionable dress, will I dream daring, or will I deflate? Dreams, dress, or fashionable daring, will dares deflate my dreams or dress my daring will to deflate dreams? Dare me to deflate will. Dares will deflate me, deflating daring wills. Will deflated.


Red sea


The Red Sea parts. See the Red Sea and the partly-read Book. The Reds see part and bookies see red, and lose partly lsoing reason, bookin and seeing the reddest partially booked. SEe reasons partially in reds, losing the blues and the Book! Partially reasonable seen in blues, and reasoned in books, the partially seen reason in patial books, seen reasonably. Books part. Reason books.



Worn shoes have worn shoes. Wearing out, shoes have worn themselves out. Have shoes won out? Having worn them, shoes win wearing games. They have out-shoed winning games: shoes have worn themselves inside out! Outside themselves have shoes won? Insie sole games wore shoes. Sole inside self won outside games. Inside self, games won outside shoes. Winning inside games, outside shoes, inside shoes, winning games. Insiders won games inside games.



Sent home


Send home. Money is home, send more. Money is home, send more money soon. Send more money soon, home is broke. From broken home, money soon sends more money from home. Soon, more broken glass sends Mom home. Glass money sends more sooner, from broken money, broken mom, glass homes. More sent from Mom. Send from broken glass home, monetary breaks from mom. Glasses sent, home sent mom. Breaks from home. Mom sent broken home home. Broken mom BROKE. Home breaks.



(round two)



Free ride


Want free ride? Call! Free ride wants to ride. Wants free call. Call freely; ride whenever. Want to? To ride? When buddy wants freedom, call freely. When calling, she wants buddy to ride when she is budding freely. Want two rides called Now and When ? Rides she wants, budding freely. Two called, when she wants to call buddy freedly? And Now! Buddy calls! She wants freedom to know when she wants to know Buddy! Freedom calls her to Buddy. Knowingly, caller wants her to want buddy-buddy calls. Want to call her? Wanting her calls. Call her!




Crossed cross words crossed words with cross crosswords with crossed swords. Swing cross words crossed with swords slung. Swinging slung swords crossed with cross words yesterday. Yesterday, stories crossed swords with words. Crosses swing, slinging words, swinging swords, crossing yesterdays stories with slings. Words sling stories; swings cross swords with stories swinging words. Sworded slings with wordy wings, sling sordid stories. Wings slinging story words wing word stories, wing stories, stories.


To ward, ward off. To walk off-ward, to walk off anger, to ward home, to angrily walk off, warded angrily face off. To walk homeward, toward home, angrily... walking, face off, to ward anger off, walk home facing backwards. Walking backwards, facing anger, off to home, to face Wards anger. Back off, home to anger. Facing Wards back. Home to Wards angry face. Home to facile angry homilies. Home to anger, anger, to anger.


Slimy Rabbit


Slimy rabbit intercepts. Car intercepts slimy rabbit. Car crashes, sliming intercepted rabbit. Intercepted rabbit-slime consumes crashed car. Rabbit-Car, consumed by crash, intercepts slimy rabbits. Car dies by consumption, crashing intercepted slime. By dying, rabbits carry crashing slime consummately-- intercept, score! Consumes, score! Rabbits die!!! Intercept slime by crashing consummation. Rabbits intercept score, crash, die. Rabbits crash, die, scoring consummation. Consume! Score! Crash! Die! Dying, consummate score consummates death.



Limited access limited my access. My limited access prohibited accessing me. Prohibition limited acquisition of my limited-access acquisitions. Prohibiting limitation of my acquired prohibited (accessible) truths, squandered truth of my limit, prohibiting acquired access. Off-access acquired truth squandering prohibits my limits. Squandering off truth limits my acquired access off squandering my acquisitions. Truth limits acquisitiong. My squandering limits truth. Truthfully, I squandered acquisitions. Truth squandered me. I wonder.



Floating point


Pointy rose floats. Pointy rose floats, rising. Rising water floats pointy rose. ARise, Rose, and float water! Point to water and float rose! ARise, points of water, and rise to float! Pointedly rosy, Roses nipples rise to point of water and float. Whatta point! Rows of floats rise and nip points. Arise, Rose of watery nipples, & water the rose of risen points! Point the rose of water! Rise to the point! Point to the point! The point!



Water pitcher


Pitchers of water pitch water off, towards pitchers wiping off water in between pitches. Wiping off water -- wiping off water in pitchers between houses -- we house water in pitchers. Between wiping off relief pitchers between innings, we wipe water off. Home offers relief between inns; our wipers pitch water, pitch relief into our water, wipe between waters, pitched in between bar relievers relive between our waters inns in between our reliefs. In between ours, we be tweeny weenies.