Two Character Exquisite Corpse
November 17, 1999
San Francisco
We passed papers around adding two letters at a time. We were free to see what had been written before.

1) Thespian pots of nothering lifters filigrate mars bar tape sonic boom. Thy wily Thorus, be mod.

2) Spinner, dj, diddly spigot, clearly singing to misinformed chirp. Be. Me.

3) Coming of age on Haight Street
charred, broke, dubious lunar chum, figure as wicks curse me. Go. Bug out already. Ya yam! Ya supine pelvis-punk! I flew, eleven times I came humbly up to grin at 17.

4) 13 years by the book
of so many do's and don'ts, I found you, so alleviate. TV fried basters throw rococo a purfuse plop. Just to take elements, just telepatriot back to yo' maladied sink.

5) If myopic in Prince Gass, get milk for tea by May thirteenth, or I die. Beckon to the ol' La-la, dee-Litefully coat my life.

6) In the far-off Island:
Eve, undeserted, liked her live snub, not her drugged greek. She suntanned in gall.

7) Hymn to Edward:

O, low E!
   like my blues,
     play women on habit,
  Tho' you tell uniformed
   migrating doves, play