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"Although I think choosing between Bush and Kerry on foreign policy is like choosing between Coke and Pepsi...I still think that on domestic issues Democrats are a better party. If I can help with my vote to enable Kerry to win this year's election while at the same time not sacrificing my ultimate goal to break the two-party system and give someone who is a true humanitarian and an environmentalist a chance, my effort would not be in vain. From what I've seen, VotePair seems like a promising strategy provided that it's true that a few hundred votes one way or the other (per swing state) can change the outcome of the election, which I believe it is."
-Neda Svrakic
St. Louis, MO

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November 2, 2004

Dear VotePair participants,

We want to thank you once again for your participation in VotePair. Knowing that we've had the support of so many people nationwide has made working on the 2004 VotePair effort exciting and rewarding. As of last night, we had nearly 22,000 registrants and over 2600 pairs - a manifold increase in just the final couple of weeks. (See the VotePair statistics page.)

Remember that if you haven't been paired by the time you go to the polls, you are under no obligation to vote for your strategic choice, but can freely cast your ballot for your first-choice candidate.

We are very sorry that in the end, we were not able to pair every registrant, and hope that you nonetheless feel that your participation has been worthwhile. We received thousands more registrations from Democrats in safe states than from third-party supporters in swing states. But the high overall registration levels served a vital purpose: demonstrating to the public and the media that progressives want to unite around common goals, and that many, many people feel disenfranchised because the current electoral system silences millions of voices. In this way, VotePair has been part of a groundswell of attention being paid to problems that must be fixed in order for the United States to have truly open, representative elections.

Every major social and political change takes significant time and effort - know that you are part of the stream of energy that is helping the nation move in a better direction. VotePair will be back in touch in the coming weeks regarding our future plans. We're hoping to continue with other activities in the months and years before the 2008 election, and want all of you to be a part of that ever-increasing momentum. We deeply hope that today's elections go well and that we are able to both defeat Bush and draw attention to the critical issues represented by third party candidates.

With much appreciation,
The VotePair Team

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