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"Just wanted to leave a quick note thanking whoever started VotePair. I'm a democrat from TX and in past elections, going to the polls was extremely depressing.  I always voted knowing that I was simply doing my duty but to no avail.  Now, with votepair, I have renewed confidence that my vote will count... in Ohio of all places.  I LOVE my VotePair partner!!  She shares my values and hopes for our country. It's too bad that we have to go to all of this trouble just to get a fair election.  The electoral vote definitely is an archaic system that needs to be abolished.  Until that happens, I'll be votepairing every election.  Thank you again for helping my vote count."

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In the weeks leading up to the 2000 presidential election, groups all over the country developed independent vote pairing sites in an effort both to help the Green Party toward its goal of receiving 5 percent of the national vote and to help Gore defeat Bush.

In 2000, at least 36,000 people, including more than 1,400 in Florida, participated in vote pairing. Margins of victory in several states in 2000 were extremely small: 365 votes in New Mexico; 537 in Florida; 4,144 in Iowa; 5,708 in Wisconsin; 6,765 in Oregon; and 7,211 in New Hampshire. The 2004 election is poised to be just as close. Vote pairing can have a major impact!

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