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"I believe in coalition politics, which is why I have always, in the past, voted straight Democratic. Democrats represent the coalition that includes left and center. I am also basically a bleeding heart liberal of the first order, a First Amendment absolutist and an environmentalist. In some governmental systems I would naturally be a Green. The most valuable contribution Greens can make is to exert some pressure on the Democrats not to be ignored as the Dems struggle to get voters from the middle. The perfect solution, it seems to me, is to vote Democrat where it counts, in swing states, and Green in other states to send a message."
-Layne Winklebleck
Cool, CA

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In the weeks leading up to the 2000 presidential election, groups all over the country developed independent vote pairing sites in an effort both to help the Green Party toward its goal of receiving 5 percent of the national vote and to help Gore defeat Bush.

In 2000, at least 36,000 people, including more than 1,400 in Florida, participated in vote pairing. Margins of victory in several states in 2000 were extremely small: 365 votes in New Mexico; 537 in Florida; 4,144 in Iowa; 5,708 in Wisconsin; 6,765 in Oregon; and 7,211 in New Hampshire. The 2004 election is poised to be just as close. Vote pairing can have a major impact!

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