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"My fundamental belief is that third party candidates should be included in all elected office debates in which they wish to participate. In the 2000 election I paired with a voter from Virginia...I truly wish 600 more Independents in my state had done the same. We would be looking at a much different world today. The 2004 Votepair effort will once again free my conscience from the difficult choice of principle or pragmatism. We (independent thinkers) can have both!"
ŚMichael S. Caruso
Dunedin, FL

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How It Works

First, strategic voters enter their state and voting preference. They are then told whether they are voting in a swing state, where the race is close, or a secure state, where wide margins of victory are predicted for either Bush or Kerry.

Voters who register with VotePair will be paired with another participant via email. In this way, a swing state voter whose first choice is Nader, Cobb or Badnarik and a secure state voter whose first choice is Kerry can communicate with each other about strategic voting in the upcoming election. Pairing will facilitate dialogue and provide an opportunity for partners to make sure that their pairing partner is pledging in good faith.

See our discussion on how we determine swing states.

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