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"Although I think choosing between Bush and Kerry on foreign policy is like choosing between Coke and Pepsi...I still think that on domestic issues Democrats are a better party. If I can help with my vote to enable Kerry to win this year's election while at the same time not sacrificing my ultimate goal to break the two-party system and give someone who is a true humanitarian and an environmentalist a chance, my effort would not be in vain. From what I've seen, VotePair seems like a promising strategy provided that it's true that a few hundred votes one way or the other (per swing state) can change the outcome of the election, which I believe it is."
-Neda Svrakic
St. Louis, MO

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How You Can Help

  • Send an op-ed or letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Most papers have websites that provide submission guidelines and information on where to send it; just search by the newspaper's name, or you can check out the US Newspaper List (USNPL) for a state-by-state listing.
  • Spread the word about the importance of strategic voting in 2004. You can download a flyer (Swing State Flyer | Safe State Flyer | | Determine Your State's Status) and hand it out at local election-related events like candidate appearances, political symposia, demonstrations, and rallies.
  • Place an ad about in a local or university newspaper or on popular websites. (Swing State Ad | Safe State Ad | Determine Your State's Status). If you don't have funds to place a newspaper display ad like one of these, you can also place a classified ad, using just the ad text.
  • Donate to VotePair. We're a volunteer-run effort, but your contribution will help pay for much-needed outreach, media, and marketing efforts, and defray some operational costs (like this Web site).
  • Talk to the media. Reporters are always interested in a local 'hook' to make stories relevant to their readers. If you'd be willing to talk to reporters about why you support the vote-pairing effort and believe in the need for progressives to unite in 2004, contact with your name, city/state of residence, and best way (phone or email) to contact you.
  • Share your connections. If you know a celebrity or other national figure who might help promote vote pairing, write to
  • Invite a friend, colleague, or relative to check out and consider pairing his/her vote.
  • Host a border party. Border Parties bring together voters from neighboring swing and safe states for dialogue, strategizing, and fun.

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