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"I never bothered to register since a vote for Kerry here in Texas is totally futile. No one should underestimate the power of this to increase voter participation. I'm not the only one that doesn't bother to even register because of the Electoral College. I hope that if this progresses far enough, we can show how stupid the Electoral College is and eventually get rid of it. Keep up the good work."
-Jon Kahn
Spring, TX

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Like votepairing, Border Parties are meant bring together swing-state progressives whose first instinct might have been to vote for Nader or Cobb with Democrats (and others whose first choice for President is Kerry) from 'safe' states. Border Parties will bring together voters from neighboring swing and safe states for dialogue, strategizing, and fun.

In the atmosphere of animosity and distrust that currently exists between the Kerry, Nader, and Cobb camps, Border Parties can help unify progressives to defeat Bush.

Border parties could be staged on towns near the borders of Florida and Alabama, Utah and Nevada, Pennsylvania and New York, and so forth. You could even organize a "four corners" Border Party for Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. Invitees could be individuals interested in strategic voting or groups allied with Kerry, Nader, or Cobb that are invested in defeating Bush.

Parties can be small or large, formal or informal. The key is bringing together progressive individuals and groups to discuss our common goals. They could also be great opportunities to spread the word about vote-pairing in key states.

What VotePair Can Provide

We can help by sending out email invitations to all of the individuals who have registered at from border states. We can also help with some media outreach, and we may be able to provide a small amount of funding.

What You Can Do

Find a space. Arrange for food (either brought by participants or catered). Promote your event, and invite groups and individuals to attend. Work with media team to promote your event to the local press.

If you are interested in organizing a Border Party, please contact Amy Morris ( Thanks.

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