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"I am a resident of Utah and I am not republican. I voted the first chance I was legally able. Once I realized how the Electoral College affects voting and that I lived in a republican state, I quit voting. 12 years later I have decided to vote knowing that my vote will not matter since I still reside in Utah. I can't sit idly by any more. I have spent a lot of time informing myself by researching the presidential candidates. VotePair gives me hope in my return to voting. Thank you for giving back my right to vote and have it count."
Cedar City, UT

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Defeat George W. Bush. Support the critical voices of third parties. Rebuild America's progressive majority.

Yes, we can do all three in 2004.

While tens of millions of Americans have been bypassed by the presidential campaigns since they live in 'safe' states, we progressive voters now have an Electoral College strategy of our own that can bring bypassed voters back into action.

VotePair is a strategic grassroots alliance that unites Green Party members, Independents and Nader, Cobb, and Badnarik supporters from swing states--like Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, New Mexico and Pennsylvania--with Democrats in hopeless Bush stronghold states like Texas, Utah and Alaska and taken-for-granted Kerry stronghold states like New York and Massachusetts. Given the terrible state of the country under Bush, all participants recognize the paramount importance of swing-state progressives voting for Kerry-Edwards to build a majority in the Electoral College. But we also recognize the critical importance of registering the real political strength of the messages carried by Ralph Nader, the Greens, and the Libertarians. Working in a good-faith coalition, participants vote strategically to advance all these objectives.

By building grassroots political alliances through strategic voting we can unite progressives to defeat Bush and promote the critical voices of third parties.

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