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"I moved to Texas 26 years ago and have never had a single vote for president count. I have often felt like not voting at all. I wish we had an Electoral College change like Colorado is talking about. It is just not fair. My son is a 17 year old senior who will not not turn 18 before the presidential election. He has done nothing but complain about not being able to vote. He is a Kerry supporter. I haven't told him that his vote wouldn't count anyway. I don't want to possibly make him lose interest in voting in the future. He tells me that announcing that he is a Kerry supporter at school gets him ridiculed and attacked. I was very thankful to have heard about this morning. It gives me some hope and I will certainly be passing this information on to others who feel as helpless as I do. Tired of being left out of the process."
-Barbara & Family
Amarillo, Texas

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