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"I live in Utah. The most republican state in the nation. I happen to be a democrat who voted for Gore. My vote did not count because of the stupid electoral college. By swapping my vote, I can finally have my vote count for a democrat. Go Kerry!"

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Brent Emerson (Oakland, CA)
Amy Morris (Oakland, CA)
Carnet Williams (Honolulu, HI)
Steve Yoder (Willow, NY)

Volunteers (Outreach)

Sarah Newman (Santa Monica, CA)
Nadia Steinzor (Willow, NY)
Lucia Gill Case (Providence, RI)
Abe Gutmann (Albuquerque, NM)

Volunteers (Political Analysis)

Jeff Cardille (Madison, WI)
Steve Cobble (Arlington, VA)

Volunteers (Technical)

Kent Howard (San Francisco, CA)
David Korn (New York, NY)
Kendra Markle (Sebastopol, CA)
James Nickson (Wellfleet, MA)

Volunteers (Other)

Rachel Ogdie (Honolulu, HI)
Sara Baldwin (Salt Lake City, UT)

Legal Advisors

Jamin Raskin, Professor of Law, American University (Washington, DC)
David Kairys, Professor of Law, Temple University (Philadelphia, PA)
Gregory Luke, Strumwasser & Woocher LLP (Santa Monica, CA)
Steven J. Mulroy, Assistant Professor of Law, University of Memphis (Memphis, TN)
Marc John Randazza, Weston, Garrou & DeWitt (Altamonte Springs, FL)

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Paul Chvostek and it.canada
Philip Smith and Community Bandwidth
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