bathing culture   [yudo: the Art of the Bath]   [portland sento]  

poetry   [edge of a mountain forest]   [synchronology]   [evoce]   [still.as]   [a gestural phonemic alphabet]   [an alphabetic script]   [v.e.r.b.a.t.i.m.]  

political economy   [electric embers cooperative]   [tech co-op network]   [Portland Project for Cooperative Innovation]   [DAWN]   [tech underground]   [a technology freelancer's guide to starting a worker cooperative]   [on the path to parecon: envisioning an intermediate social anarchist economy]   [escape from catan]  

philosophy   [contextualism in action: k-knowledge and the myth of bivalent epistemic status]   [on personal identity]   [what evolutionary biology does to explanation]   [being precise about levels of selection]   [who and where we are and how we know: a reading list]

soundtracks   [new autumn]   [1978/1979]   [winter sky]   [spring thunder]   [summer night]   [autumn wind]   [time road country]   [two thousand four (requiem)]   [123/wavelength]   [duplication]   [blue]   [green/red]   [synchronology]   [wolfsongs]   [take my hand, let's]   [love]   [all]   [the]   [world. no]   [little good]   [in]   [this—it's]   [a]   [long night.]   [you]   [don't]   [come quick to]   [one]   [so]   [sweet.]   [join the human race: a 10 year instant kurma retrospective]

food   [emerson brothers brewing company]   [recipes & explorations]   [2007 sf bay area pizza tour]   [human cheese]

politics   [2000: votetrader.org]   [2003: SF DASW]   [2004: votepair.org]   [big root problems to work on right now]

information technology   [electric embers cooperative]   [a simple manifesto for a sane internet]   [dns and smtp for technology integrators]   [email filtering]   [tudc]

etc   [early paperlight investigations]   [a wedding]   [love: a grammar]   [games]   [meisei: a fragrance]   [LAPFTWLITNW]   [peace stickers]   [media archive]

silliness   [pi (and other transcendental constants)]   [www.haikumachine]   [cultural arithmetic: a mechanism for the natural recurrence of 23]    [international registry of rock | paper | scissors variants]   [EXIT sign coloration: an analysis of the geographical distribution]   [any religious society]

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